Dong Feng 04.08.2017

Rolex Fastnet Race 04.08.2017


Dongfeng crew all set to rock and roll in the Fastnet classic

“We are not expecting much time in the bunk at all and when you are in the bunk you have to be ready to get up and manoeuvre,” said Daryl Wislang watch captain on board Dongfeng who won the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race on Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

04.08.2017, Gosport UK – Along with their six rivals in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, Dongfeng Race Team will line up for the Rolex Fastnet Race on Sunday which promises to be a thrilling battle between crews preparing for the round-the-world marathon.

The 47th biennial Fastnet forms the second part of the Volvo Ocean Race Leg Zero series and follows a Round the Island (Isle of Wight) sprint on Wednesday. At 603 nautical miles, the Fastnet will be the first chance for the teams to test themselves against each other over several days at sea.

“Going into the Fastnet we are expecting a pretty tight battle between the Volvo Ocean Race fleet,” said Daryl Wislang who knows this will be a hard few days aboard the Chinese red and white Volvo Ocean 65 skippered by Charles Caudrelier and sponsored by Dongfeng Motor Corporation. “The last Volvo Ocean Race involved close racing for each leg and, after sailing 6,500 miles for example, boats were still finishing within 10 minutes of each other. I don’t see why the Fastnet is going to be any different.”

Setting sail from the Royal Yacht Squadron line off Cowes on Sunday at 12.40pm (local time), Dongfeng and her rivals will make their way along the English south coast to Land’s End and then head across the Celtic Sea to the famous Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland, before returning to finish at Plymouth.

This year’s race looks likely to feature a long windward stretch for the Volvo Ocean Race boats almost all the way to the Fastnet and then a fast downwind return leg to the finish. Along the way navigators will have their work cut out as the crews make their way past the great headlands of the English south coast, taking care to make the best of the tide.

The Chinese sailor Chen Jinhao, also known as Horace, has no illusions about how hard the Fastnet will be. “It’s not an easy race,” said the 25-year-old from Schen Zhen in China who will sail as bowman on Dongfeng. “Everything will need to be quick and fast and we need to make sure we are making quick and strong decisions.”

He sailed in the last Volvo Ocean Race, when Dongfeng finished third overall, having had to learn the ropes almost from nothing. “This is the first time that I will race in the Fastnet and I am excited to see the famous rock,” he added. “Back then, I didn’t really know what to expect and had to wait for instructions before each move. Now I know exactly what’s coming next and I am more relaxed and I can concentrate solely on doing my best.”

Dongfeng will sail the Fastnet with two female crew in Carolijn Brouwer and Marie Riou. Riou is ready to go. “I am looking forward to getting back out there,” said the four-time Nacra 17 class world champion. “I am really excited to be on the startline on Sunday. It will be my first time on the course and I have heard lots about this race and it looks like the weather will be good,” she added.

Skipper Caudrelier believes the field is quite open and that the Spanish team which won the Round the Island Race, is a tough competitor. “It is completely different from before as even if teams start late, we have four or five teams with great sailors on board. MAPFRE is the big favourite; they have done four or five editions together and have a fantastic spirit which can be a key point. They proved in the Round the Island Race on Wednesday that they are strong.”

This year’s Fastnet, which was first sailed in 1925, features a huge fleet of some 375 yachts sailed by more than 3,000 people from 29 nations with 164 crews from outside Britain.

This is the first year that the race has formed part of the Volvo Ocean Race Leg Zero series – a four-part warm-up for the Volvo Ocean Race proper that starts from Alicante in Spain on October 22nd. Following the Fastnet (ETA August 9th), the Volvo Ocean Race crews will complete two passage races, from Plymouth to St Malo starting on August 10th, and then from St Malo to Lisbon, starting on August 13th.

The Dongfeng Race Team crew for the Rolex Fastnet Race
Charles Caudrelier (FRA, skipper/helm)
Pascal Bidégorry (FRA, tactics)
Daryl Wislang (NZL, watch)
Stuart Bannatyne (NZL, watch)
Jérémie Beyou (FRA, watch)
Carolijn Brouwer (NL, trim)
Marie Riou (FRA, trim)
Jack Bouttell (GBR/AUS, bow)
Chen Jinhao/Horace (CHN, bow)

Akzo Nobel (Netherlands), Simeon Tienpont
Dongfeng Race Team (China), Charles Caudrelier
MAPFRE (Spain), Xabi Fernández
Scallywag (Hong Kong), David Witt
Team Brunel (Netherlands), Bouwe Bekking
Turn the Tide of Plastic (International), Dee Caffari
Vestas-11th hour racing (USA/Denmark), Charlie Enright

Volvo Ocean Race Leg Zero timeline (local time)
2 August, 09:50, Lendy Cowes Week Round the Isle of Wight Race start, Royal Yacht Squadron
5 August, 14:00, Rolex Fastnet Race press conference, RORC
6 August, 12:40, VO65 fleet start for the Rolex Fastnet Race
9 August, ETA in Plymouth, the boats will dock at Mount Batten
10 August, 13:30 Plymouth-Saint Malo start
11 August, 9:00, ETA Saint Malo, fleet in the ‘Bassin Vauban’
12 August, 9:45, Pro-Am race start
13 August, 13:00, Saint Malo-Lisbon start
15 or 16 August: ETA in Lisbon

Each of the four races will be scored equally on a high points scoring system. 1st place/8 points; 2nd/7pts; 3rd/6pts; 4th/5pts; 5th/4pts; 6th/3pts; 7th/2pts



Rolex Fastnet Race 03.08.2017


Doublehanded demons

Thanks to our modern day lifestyles, a frequent problem facing race boats owners is finding willing and available crew. One solution is to sail with less people, an ultimate expression of this being two handed racing. Therefore it is no surprise that the IRC Two Handed class in this Sunday’s Rolex Fastnet Race has swelled, with 60 boats entered (plus nine IMOCA 60s). This was also helped by the outcome of the 2013 race, famously won for the first time ever by a two handed crew – Pascal and Alexis Loison on the JPK 10.10, Night and Day.

So far in the 2017 RORC Season’s Championship, leadership of IRC Two Handed has been a fight between two Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600s: Rob Craigie and Deb Fish on Bellino and Ian Hoddle and Ollie Wyatt on Game On. Bellino won the Cervantes Trophy, Myth of Malham and Morgan Cup; Game On the De Guingand Bowl and the Cowes Dinard St Malo Race. Also in the mix were Ed Fishwick and Figaro sailor Nick Cherry on their new 3600, Redshift Reloaded. However come the Channel Race, the first occasion the Loisins raced this year, they blitzed it, winning by an hour on corrected from Game On and Bellino.

Bellino’s Rob Craigie, who currently leads IRC Two Handed overall, has been racing shorthanded since the 1990, both doublehanded and solo – he was class winner and second home in the 2009 OSTAR transatlantic race from Plymouth to Newport. His co-skipper, Deb Fish was also a solo sailor who campaigned a Sun Fast 3200.

Craigie says that while solo offshore racing is a different sport, two handed is much closer to fully crewed. „If you are a skipper who just stands at the back and shouts, it will be a big change. If you are a skipper who gets involved, then less so. Manoeuvres take a bit longer as you’ve got to move the sail bags around and get them up and down.“

On board, ‚third‘ crewman is the autopilot, although Craigie admits that they use it less. „We are going back to hand steering because we find it faster although in the Fastnet you have to sleep more to be competitive.“ However it depends on the wind and sea state. „In waves the boat weaves a bit more than it would, even with an average helm.“

Dutch two handed offshore champions, Robin Verhoef and John van der Starre are entered on the J/122E Ajeto! The last three Rolex Fastnet Races they campaigned a J/111, finishing seventh in the 54 boat Two Handed class last time. They acquired their new boat this winter, which from the outset has been set up for shorthanding, with a heavier, deeper keel and less sail area. „To make it easier to sail shorthanded,“ explains van der Starre. „And we can adjust the mast while racing, which will be an advantage.“

So why do they race doublehanded. „Why? Because we are both a little bit crazy probably! Robin and I really like sailing shorthanded and it is always a hassle with a big team,“ van der Starre explains.

As to how they divide up the labour, generally if one is sleeping the other goes into solo mode, calling the other on deck for manoeuvres. When both are up they typically play to each other’s strengths: „Tactics is more my part,“ says van der Starre. „Robin is little stronger, so he does the heavy stuff, getting jibs up and down and gennakers, etc.“

On board they don’t run a watch system and do rely on the pilot. „The first 20 minutes you are better, but after that the pilot beats you,“ says van der Starre.

But the real grand masters of doublehanding are the IMOCA 60 sailors. And of them king is Jean-Pierre Dick, who has won two Barcelona World Races, two handed non-stop around the world and three Transat Jacques Vabres, two handed west across the Atlantic. Previous co-skippers included Damian Foxall, Loick Peyron and Jérémie Beyou. This time he is racing his foil-assisted Virbac-Paprec 3 with three time Solitaire du Figaro winner, Yann Eliès.

So what’s his secret? Dick agrees with van der Starre: „It is important to work and be effective as a couple rather than working just as two individuals. We try to be changeable as everyone has their own skills, so you try to take the experience of both people to get the best result. So this time, I have better knowledge of the boat while Yann is bringing his new view and has a lot more experience of the Channel from his Figaro racing. But we also need to enjoy it and not argue too much! Fortunately we are both ’senior‘ sailors now and we have similar thinking.“

As to their sleep – Dick says that they will have a rough watch system, while keeping it flexible, according to the conditions and the workload.

He is also looking forward to seeing how his VPLP-Verdier IMOCA 60 behaves now she is out of ‚Vendée mode‘, substantially lightened and with better optimised ballast and keel weight.

Click for the wind predictions for the Rolex Fastnet Race from Squid (HERE) and Mike Broughton (HERE)

The Rolex Fastnet Race from Cowes on Sunday, 6th August with the first start at 1100 BST.

How to follow the race:
All the latest news, race updates, video, photos, blogs from the boats + Live streaming of the starts: Race minisite:
Twitter: @RORCracing – Hashtag #rolexfastnetrace
Coverage on Fastnet TV & Radio: Cowes – 87.7fm, Plymouth – 87.9fm and online
Virtual Regatta –
ENDS/…. James Boyd


Skiff Euro 03.08.

Skiff Euro 03.08.2017


49er, 49erFX und Nacra17 EM vor Kiel
Feld für das große EM-Finale ist bereitet: Deutsche Skiff-Frauen mit besten Medaillen-Chancen
Spannende Rennen vor einer aufziehenden Gewitterfront lieferten sich die 49er, 49erFX und Nacra17 am vorletzten Tag ihrer Europameisterschaften in Kiel. „Alle Boote so schnell es geht in den Hafen“, hieß es am frühen Nachmittag, als sich der Himmel über der Kieler Förde verdunkelte. Bis zum Mittag hatten bereits die Nacra17 Full Foiler ihre acht besten Boote ermittelt, die morgen im Finale starten, das im Theatre Style ausgetragen wird. Auch die Gold-Fleets der 49er und 49erFX schafften jeweils noch drei Rennen, bevor es zurück an Land ging. Damit stehen auch hier die jeweils zehn Finalisten fest. Während bei den Nacras die Medaillen ohne deutsche Beteiligung ermittelt werden, sind die 49er-Männer mit einem Heimteam und die Frauen der 49erFX sogar mit zwei Teams vertreten.

Und die deutschen Seglerinnen bei den 49erFX haben sich beste Ausgangspositionen verschafft: Victoria Jurczok/Anika Lorenz (Kiel) führen das Feld vor den Britinnen Charlotte Dobson/Saskia Tidey an. Auf dem dritten Rang sind Tina Lutz/Susann Beucke (Prien/Strande) ebenfalls auf Medaillenkurs. Knapp verpasst haben Jule und Lotta Görge (Kiel) den Einzug ins Finale. Sie liegen auf dem 14. Platz.

Knapp ging es auch bei den Nacra17 Full Foilern zu. Packende drei Wettfahrten zeigten sie auf der Bahn Hotel und den Zuschauern am Bildschirm, die über Facebook und die Internetseiten der Klassenvereinigung ( die Rennen verfolgen konnten. Paul Kohlhoff/Alica Stuhlemmer (Kiel) lagen nach dem zweiten Rennen auf dem neunten Platz. Eine Platzierung musste noch herausgesegelt werden, um ins Finale zu kommen. Spannung lag in der Luft. Der Start zum dritten Rennen gelang ihnen nicht optimal. Den nutzten Jan Hauke Erichsen/Ann Kristin Wedemeyer (Flensburg) und setzten sich an die Spitze. In einem spannenden Zieleinlauf konnten sie sich den dritten Platz sichern, sind aber insgesamt auf dem 18. Platz und somit nicht für die Finalläufe qualifiziert. Um einen Punkt verfehlten dann auch Kohlhoff/Stuhlemmer den Einzug ins Finale, da sie nach dem nicht so gelungen Start zwar aufholen konnte, aber nur noch als Neunte ins Ziel kamen. Trotzdem sind beide zufrieden. „Es ist der zehnte Tag, an dem wir zusammen segeln. Es war schwer einzuschätzen, wie weit wir von den Besten weg sind. Aber wir sind relativ nah dran und wissen jetzt genau, woran wir bis zur WM arbeiten müssen“, sagte Steuermann Kohlhoff. An jedem Tag auf dem Wasser gebe es noch etwas am Boot zu verbessern und im Handling zu lernen. Jedes Team im Feld steht vor dieser Herausforderung. Ruggero Tita/Caterina Banti (Italien) haben sich die beste Ausgangsposition für das Medal Race gesichert. Sie liegen an der Spitze vor Lin Ea Cenholt Christiansen/Christian Peter Lübeck (Dänemark) und Ben Saxton/Katie Dabson (Großbritannien).

Beachtliche Leistungen zeigten auch Jakob Meggendorfer/Andreas Spranger (Simssee) im 49er. Sie kämpften sich nach einem 13. und zwölften Platz zurück und schlossen das letzte Rennen des Tages mit einem dritten Rang ab. So konnten sie sich als Siebte im Gesamtklassement für die Medal Races qualifizieren. Tim Fischer/Fabian Graf (Hamburg/Berlin) verpassten hingegen mit ihrem 17. Gesamtrang den Cut für das Medal Race, segeln morgen um die Plätze 11 bis 20. Als Führende starten Dylan Fletcher-Scott/Stuart Bithell (Großbritannien) in die drei Final-Rennen, die im Theatre Style, also auf einem begrenzten Kurs über drei Rennen, ausgetragen werden. David Gilmour/Joel Turner (Australien) liegen momentan auf dem zweiten Rang, James Peters/Finn Sterritt (Großbritannien) auf dem dritten.

Zeitplan am Finaltag der Europameisterschaften der 49er, 49erFX und Nacra17: Zunächst segeln die Nacra17 Full Foiler um den Titel. Sie sind von etwa 12 bis 13.15 Uhr auf der Bahn „Hotel“. Dann folgen von 13.15 bis etwa 14.30 Uhr die 49er und von 14.30 bis 15.30 Uhr die 49erFX. Alle Finalrennen werden im Theatre Style ausgetragen. Das begrenzte Regattafeld ermöglicht es den Zuschauern direkt vom Wasser aus die Wettfahrten anzusehen. Zudem können die Medal Races auch wieder am Bildschirm verfolgt werden.

Die Wettfahrten der Goldfleet und die Finale werden von 2. bis 4. August via Youtube live gezeigt:

Alle Ergebnisse und weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:
Ergebnisse 49er und Nacra17

Melges Worlds Helsinki

Melges 24 Worlds Helsinki 03.08.2017


2017 Melges 24 World Championship in Helsinki, Finland
Up to 25 Knots and Waves in Helsinki:
This is What the Melges 24 Is Made for

August 3, 2017 – Helsinki, Finland – Sparkling sailing, with lots of sun and waves, characterizes the fourth day of racing in Helsinki, where the 2017 Melges 24 World Championship is going to conclude tomorrow.

PRO Madis Ausman and his Race Committee did an amazing job benefiting at the best from the heavy but still ideal conditions to add three more races to the championship series and bringing the total to ten. One and a half mile length and simple windward-leeward configuration created the perfect race course for an excited Melges 24 fleet.

Nothing changed in the top-three of the overall ranking, with Italian entry, Luca Perego’s Maidollis ITA854 (2-6-2 today) with Carlo Fracassoli in helm, firmly maintaining the leadership with a margin of 22 points over Monsoon USA851 by Bruce Ayres (1-12-4), who scores the second bullet of its series today, and Andrea Racchelli’s Altea ITA722 (6-1-6).

It is a great day also for the crew aboard Lucky Dog/Gill Race Team USA848 (3-4-1) with Travis Weisleder in helm: after an hard second day, where they had to withdraw from all three races because of the breakage of two halyards, the American entry is the most consistent boat of the day and scores three placements in the top five, climbing up from 44th to 24th position in the overall ranking.

„It was great to get a little revenge on our second day’s breakdowns, but above all it was amazing to sail in these conditions: this is what the Melges 24 is made for! Sailing in the European fleet is great, and the U.S. representative is pretty wide: it’s the perfect mix for a World Championship. If you add to this the fact that here in Helsinki hospitality is amazing, we have all the elements for a World Championship that will be remembered“ – declared John Bowden from Lucky Dog/Gill Race Team.

The leadership doesn’t change even in the Corinthian division, where the reigning World Champions aboard Marco Zammarchi’s Taki 4 ITA778 (1-1-4) with Niccolo Bertola in helm enjoy the strong winds and increase to 13 points the margin of advantage over the main followers; which, though, are no more the Michael Tarabochia’s crew of White Room GER677 (9-7-7): the Estonian entry Lenny EST790 (4-2-1) with Tõnu Tõniste in helm, in fact, takes home extremely consistent placements today and obtains the second level of the provisional Corinthian podium instead of White Room, which slips into third. Good results also for Jens Wathne’s Party Girl NOR649 (2-3-2) that, thanks to the top-three results of today, climbs up from 11th to 4th position.

Tomorrow, the curtain is going to close on the 20th edition of the Melges 24 World Championship: two more races can be sailed for the conclusion of the series, but heavy rain and shifty wind are forecasted. The final preparatory signal must be given within 2.30 pm: depending on the weather conditions, the Race Committee will decide the best finale grande of the 2017 Melges 24 World Championship.

Fulll results of the open division
The results of the Corinthian division


Day 4 photos by Pierrick Contin

Event Press Officers – Mauro Melandri and Silvia Gallegati – Zerogradinord
Event photographer – Pierrick Contin,
Event Media Coordinator – Piret Salmistu, IM24CA


Schedule of the events:
Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of July – Registration & Measurement
Sunday 30th of July – Registration & Measurement, Practice Race, Opening Ceremony
Monday 31st of July to Friday 4th of August – Racing at the 2017 Melges 24 Worlds
Friday 4th of August – Racing + Closing Ceremony


Melges 24 World Chmapionship 2017 is supported by:
FinnLines, Tallink, Vana Tallinn, LifeProof, Dermoshop, Melges Europe/ Helly Hansen, Estonian Melges 24 Class Association, Holiday Inn.



Event Webpage
Event in Facebook
International Melges 24 Class Association

Helsingfors Segelsklubb


Any queries regarding the Melges 24 World Championship can be directed to:
Tomi Hakola
Finnish Melges 24 Class Association
+358 40 5352020


Ted Gröndahl
Helsingfors Segelklubb
+358 500 330331


Piret Salmistu
IM24CA Administrator & Media Coordinator
+372 507 7217




Extreme40 Hamburg 03.08.2017



Extreme Sailing Series™ returns to Hamburg’s testing River Elbe stadium
In a week’s time Hamburg’s River Elbe will become the stadium for the international fleet of GC32s, as the Extreme Sailing Series™ returns to the prestigious German venue for the third consecutive year, presented by Land Rover.

Thousands of spectators are expected to line the shores of the River Elbe in the free-entry public Race Village in front of the Hamburg Cruise Centre in the HafenCity district, as the second half of the 2017 Extreme Sailing Series gets underway with Act 5 from 10 – 13 August.

Current standings see SAP Extreme Sailing Team leading. The Danes are tied on points with Alinghi, but are ahead by virtue of finishing in front of the Swiss team in the last Act in Barcelona, which finished less than two weeks ago.

Oman Air’s victory in Act 4, Barcelona, saw it break its habit of finishing in third place, a curse that has loomed over it since the beginning of the season. The team’s mainsail trimmer and longstanding Extreme Sailing Series competitor, Pete Greenhalgh, hopes to continue this winning form next week.

„We had had three thirds before Barcelona which had been frustrating, so we were very pleased with the result there,“ he said. „We still feel like there’s quite a lot more to come out of our team so we’re looking forward to the next event and trying to keep some momentum going through the Series.

„Hamburg is a really tight racecourse confined by concrete walls, but it can be really good racing if the wind blows from the right directions,“ added Greenhalgh, whose crew has narrowed the gap to a single point between it and the two Series leaders.

For Arnaud Psarofaghis and his men on board Alinghi Barcelona was less of a success, as they finished off the podium for the first time this season and were knocked off the top spot on the season leaderboard by SAP Extreme Sailing Team.

„We know the Elbe is going to be a tricky venue so we just need to prepare as well as we can,“ said co-skipper and tactician of SAP Extreme Sailing Team, Rasmus Køstner, whose team has now won two of the four Acts in 2017.

„In Hamburg it is important to make the best out of the opportunities you get because it’s very difficult to see the breeze and there’s a lot of current,“ commented Køstner on the challenging German venue, located in the heart of one of Europe’s largest ports.

Red Bull Sailing Team bagged its best result of the year so far in the previous Act with a second. They remain in fourth place overall going into Act 5, where they secured a podium finish last season.

Land Rover BAR Academy follow the Austrian team in fifth, just one point ahead of NZ Extreme Sailing Team who sit bottom of the fleet.

„Hopefully this year we are stronger and we take the lessons from the venue last year. I think the tight and narrow course will suit us well, especially if the breeze is up,“ said Rob Bunce, skipper of the British syndicate which is sponsored by the Series‘ Exclusive Automotive Partner and Host Venue Partner to the Act, Land Rover.

The Kiwi squad will benefit from the coaching of four-time America’s Cup sailor Rob Salthouse – father of the team’s bowman Josh Salthouse – who is currently preparing for his fourth Volvo Ocean Race campaign with Team Vestas Wind.

They will be joined by new recruit, one of New Zealand’s top sailors, Josh Junior. Junior’s diverse CV includes a seventh-place finish in the Rio Olympics, a win in the 2016 Princess Sofia Regatta, multiple accomplishments in the Finn and a stint as a ‚cyclor‘ for Emirates Team New Zealand during its winning 35th America’s Cup campaign.

The six regular crews will be joined by a wildcard entry, details of which will be announced in the lead-up to the event.

The Flying Phantom Series returns for the third round. Austrian-flagged Red Bull Sailing Team has taken two wins from two events so far, seeing it sit firmly at the top of the scoreboard. German brothers Raphael Neuhann and Elias Neuhann will sail on board the local team EVO Visian ICL, which currently sits eighth overall.

The Race Village, which offers a prime viewing spot for the action, along with plenty of free on-shore entertainment, will be open from 11 – 13 August from 10:00 – 19:00 UTC+2. Visit the official event page for details of the location and entertainment schedule.

Fans can follow the racing online via the live blog from 13:30 – 17:00 UTC+2 on 10 and 11 August, and watch the live stream on the official Facebook and YouTube channels from 13:30 – 17:00 UTC+2 on 12 and 13 August.

For those looking for a more unique experience, the Extreme Sailing Series offers a range of VIP packages, which include the opportunity to race on board a GC32 catamaran. More information can be found on the VIP tickets page.

Crew line-up for 2017 Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 5, Hamburg presented by Land Rover

Alinghi (SUI)
Co-skipper/helm: Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI)
Tactician/mainsail trimmer: Nicolas Charbonnier (FRA)
Headsail trimmer: Nils Frei (SUI)
Bowman: Yves Detrey (SUI)
Floater/foil trimmer: Timothé Lapauw (FRA)

Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR)
Skipper/bowman: Rob Bunce (GBR)
Helm: Chris Taylor (GBR)
Mainsail trimmer: Sam Batten (GBR)
Headsail trimmer: Oli Greber (GBR)
Floater: Adam Kay (GBR)
Reserve: Matt Brushwood (GBR)

NZ Extreme Sailing Team (NZL)
Co-skipper/helm: Chris Steele (NZL)
Mainsail trimmer: Josh Junior (NZL)
Headsail trimmer: Harry Hull (NZL)
Foil trimmer: Josh Salthouse (NZL)
Bowman: Shane Diviney (IRL)

Oman Air (OMA)
Skipper/helm: Phil Robertson (NZL)
Mainsail trimmer: Pete Greenhalgh (GBR)
Headsail trimmer: Ed Smyth (NZL/AUS)
Bowman: James Wierzbowski (AUS)
Bowman: Nasser Al Mashari (OMA)

Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT)
Skipper/helm: Roman Hagara (AUT)
Tactician: Hans Peter Steinacher (AUT)
Mainsail trimmer: Stewart Dodson (NZL)
Headsail trimmer: Adam Piggott (GBR)
Bowman: Will Tiller (NZL)

SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN)
Co-skipper/coach: Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN)
Co-skipper/tactician/mainsail trimmer: Rasmus Køstner (DEN)
Helm: Adam Minoprio (NZL)
Headsail trimmer: Pierluigi de Felice (ITA)
Bowman: Richard Mason (GBR)
Trim assist/grinder: Mads Emil Stephensen (DEN)

2017 Extreme Sailing Series™ overall standings

Position / Team / Points

1st SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 43 points.
2nd Alinghi (SUI) 43 points.
3rd Oman Air (OMA) 42 points.
4th Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 37 points.
5th Land Rover BAR Academy (GBR) 32 points.
6th NZ Extreme Sailing Team (NZL) 31 points.

Crew line-up for 2017 Flying Phantom Series Hamburg
Back to Basics (FRA)
Bruno Marais (FRA) / Eric Le Bouedec (FRA)
Culture Foil (FRA)
Eric Peron (FRA) / Théo Constance (FRA)
EVO Visian ICL (GER)
Raphael Neuhann (GER) / Elias Neuhann (GER)
Lupe Tortilla (USA)
John Tomko (USA) / Jonathan Atwood (USA)
Masterlan (CZE)
David Krizek (CZE) / Milan Harmacek (CZE)
Oman Sail (OMA)
Thomas Normand (FRA) / Antoine Joubert (FRA) / Ahmed Al Hasani (OMA)
Red Bill II (FRA)
Dominique Pichon (FRA) / David Mirabel (FRA)
Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT)
Olivia Mackay (NZL) / Micah Wilkinson (NZL)
Solidaires en Peloton (FRA)
Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (FRA) / Benjamin Lamotte (FRA)
José Caldeira (POR) / Helder Basilio (POR)
ZEPHYR by Idreva (FRA)
Charles Hainneville (FRA) / Maxime Hainneville (FRA)

Flying Phantom Series 2017 overall standings
Position / Team / Points
1st Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 40 points.
2nd Cup Legend (FRA) 36 points.
3rd Culture Foil (FRA) 36 points.
4th Solidaires en Peloton (FRA) 32 points.
5th Oman Sail (OMA) 31 points.
6th Lupe Tortilla (USA) 30 points.
7th UON (POR) 27 points.
8th EVO Visian ICL (GER) 26 points.
9th Masterlan (CZE) 22 points.
10th Back to Basics (FRA) 21 points.
11th Red Bill II (FRA) 18 points
12th ZEPHYR by Idreva (FRA) 18 points.
13th Flying Frogs (FRA) 11 points.


Melges 24 Helsinki 02.08.

Melges24 Worlds 02.08.2017

August 2, 2017 – Helsinki, Finland –

Melges24 Worlds, Helsinki

Helsinki woke up with heavy rain this morning and the Melges 24 fleet, moored at Helsingfors Segelklubb, had to wait two hours for the wind to stabilize, the AP flag to go down and to start the races of day three in the 2017 Melges 24 World Championship.

Two races have been sailed today, with lighter wind conditions than those experienced yesterday when after the sixth race the discard came into play. First victory of the day went to the Italian entry Altea ITA722 (1-18 today) by Andrea Racchelli, followed on the finish line by Norvegian Baghdad II NOR400 (2-24) with Kristoffer Spone in helm. Third were the current leaders of the provisional ranking aboard Luca Perego’s Maidollis ITA854 (3-20).

„It has been a bizarre day for us: we sailed well in the first race, we took the right tactical choices. On board, everything worked well even in the second race but we chose the right side of the race course and the huge wind shift deeply penalized us. It’s good to be in the top three now, but we are so close to our followers, we will have to benefit at the best from the heavy wind forecasted for the next days, which we deeply like, to try to remain on a podium position“ declared the helmsman of Altea, Andrea Racchelli, also President of the Melges 24 Italian Class, who will be in charge, together with International Melges 24 Class Association, of the organization of the next Melges 24 Europeans, scheduled for August 3-10, 2018 in Riva del Garda.

The second race of the day, number seven of the series, is the one that brings more surprises in the ranking: a big wind shift to the left in the first upwind leg penalizes the group that was racing on the right side of the race course: in these group, there was a great portion of crews currently occupying top-ranking positions. The victory goes to John Brown’s Blind Squirrel USA547 (9-1) that, with this result, scores the first bullet of the series, followed by Slam & Blow NOR787 (30-2) with Peder Nergaard in helm and American entry Mikey USA838 (19-3) by Kevin Welch.

Marco Zammarchi’s Taki 4 ITA778 (7-20) with Niccolo Bertola in helm maintains the leadership of the Corinthian division, where the bullets of today were both scored by Luis Tarabochia’s White Room GER677 (1-1), that now follows the reigning World Champions in the Corinthian ranking with a margin of 11 points. Third place is occupied by Estonian entry Lenny EST790 (2-21) with past Olympians Tõniste twins aboard, just one point behind White Room.

Tomorrow, penultimate day of racing in Helsinki, sun and heavy breeze are forecasted: first warning signal is scheduled for 11.00 and the Race Committee will have the possibility to launch up to three races.

Fulll results of the open division
The results of the Corinthian division

Day 3 photos by Pierrick Contin

Event Press Officers – Mauro Melandri and Silvia Gallegati – Zerogradinord
Event photographer – Pierrick Contin,
Event Media Coordinator – Piret Salmistu, IM24CA

Schedule of the events:
Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of July – Registration & Measurement
Sunday 30th of July – Registration & Measurement, Practice Race, Opening Ceremony
Monday 31st of July to Friday 4th of August – Racing at the 2017 Melges 24 Worlds
Friday 4th of August – Racing + Closing Ceremony

Melges 24 World Chmapionship 2017 is supported by:
FinnLines, Tallink, Vana Tallinn, LifeProof, Dermoshop, Melges Europe/ Helly Hansen, Estonian Melges 24 Class Association, Holiday Inn.

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Boris Herrmann beim Fastnetrace

Fastnet Race 02.08.2017

2. August 2017

Boris Herrmann/Pierre Casiraghi beim legendären Rolex Fastnet Race am Start

Boris Herrmann und Pierre Casiraghi starten am kommenden Sonntag (6. August) beim berühmt-berüchtigten Rolex Fastnet Race. Der Hamburger Segelprofi und sein Co-Skipper aus dem Fürstenhaus Monaco haben als Zweimann-Crew mit dem Open 60 „Malizia“ in der IMOCA-Klasse gemeldet. Die Langstrecke über 605 Seemeilen (1.120 Kilometer) führt von Cowes auf der Isle of Wight in Südengland um den Fastnet-Felsen südlich Irlands zurück nach Plymouth in der Grafschaft Devon. Der Klassiker mit oft extrem wechselhaften Bedingungen über zwei bis fünf Tage je nach Bootsgröße gilt physisch wie psychisch als große Herausforderung.

„Das Fastnet hat immer etwas Mystisches, weil die Regatta so unberechenbar ist“, beschreibt Boris Herrmann ein Rennen, das alle zwei Jahre nun schon zum 47. Mal ausgetragen wird. Für den geborenen Oldenburger ist es der Saisonhöhepunkt 2017. Traurige Berühmtheit erfuhr die Regatta 1979, als ein orkanartiger Sturm 19 Segler in den Tod riss. „Seitdem wurden die Sicherheitsauflagen sinnvoll verschärft“, beruhigt Herrmann die Fans, „wir gehen kein unkalkulierbares Risiko ein.“

Waren bei der Erstausgabe 1925 nur sieben Yachten dabei, von denen die Siegerin „Jolie Brise“ mehr als sechs Tage benötigte, könnten dieses Jahr 400 Meldungen aus 29 Nationen mit mehr als 4.000 Aktiven für einen neuen Teilnehmerrekord beim Rolex Fastnet Race sorgen. Darunter werden rund 20 deutsche Teams erwartet, darunter so bekannte Namen wie die „Varuna“, „Outsider“, „Haspa Hamburg“, „Walross IV“ und „Elan“.

Die größten wie die 35-Meter-Yacht „Nikata“ und schnellsten kämpfen um die Ehre, als First Ship Home Erster im Ziel zu sein und schielen dabei zudem auf den sechs Jahre alten Streckenrekord (ein Tag, 18 Stunden und 39 Minuten). Der Gesamtsieg entscheidet sich jedoch erst später, da nach berechneter Zeit (Handicap-Wertung) selbst die kleinsten Boote wie die 8,97 Meter kurze „Sibelius“ gewinnen können.

Die IMOCA-Klasse, deren Startschuss um 12.10 Uhr deutscher Zeit als zweiter nach den Mehrrumpfbooten fällt, ist mit neun Open 60 sehr stark besetzt. Alle werden zu zweit gesegelt und bilden eine eigene Wertungsgruppe. Mit ihrem Zieleinlauf auch des Duos Herrmann/Casiraghi wird im Laufe des Dienstags (8. August) oder bei sehr leichter Brise erst am Mittwochmorgen gerechnet.

Die Teams sind mit hochkarätigen Weltumseglern gespickt. Zu den Topfavoriten gehört der Brite Alex Thomson mit dem Iren Nicholas O’Leary auf der „Hugo Boss“. Bei Leichtwind ist auch mit der französischen „Sma“ von Marcus Hutchinson mit Gwenole Gahinet zu rechnen. Auf der „Generali“ von Alain Gautier (ebenfalls Frankreich) segelt die deutsche Isabelle Joschke.

Gut die Hälfte der Boote, darunter auch die „Malizia“ unter dem Stander des Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM), gehört zur neuen Generation, die mit Foils (Tragflächen) ausgestattet ist. Sie heben die 18,28 Meter langen Rümpfe bei mittleren bis starken räumlichen (von der Seite bis schräg von hinten) Winden ein Stück weit aus dem Wasser und ermöglichen Höchstgeschwindigkeiten, die sonst 30-Meter-Supermaxis vorbehalten sind.

„Natürlich träumen wir von solchen Idealbedingungen“, so der 36-jährige Herrmann, „aber die können wir uns ja nicht aussuchen. Im Moment sieht es eher nach einem Leichtwindszenario aus.“ Ausgeprägte Flauten haben so manche Mannschaft in der Vergangenheit sogar zum Ankern gezwungen, um nicht durch die Tidenströmung rückwärts getrieben zu werden.

Der Kurs führt zunächst durch den Solent an Hurst Castle vorbei hinaus in den Englischen Kanal um Land’s End, die Südwestecke Großbritanniens herum in die Irische See. Nach dem Wendepunkt Fastnet Rock, auf dem ein Leuchtturm steht, geht es außen um den Felsen Bishop Rock der Scilly-Inseln herum nach Plymouth. „Die Gezeiten, aber auch der Küstenverlauf machen das Fastnet taktisch extrem anspruchsvoll“, sagt der passionierte Hochseesegler Pierre Casiraghi.

Der 29-jährige Sohn von Prinzessin Carolin von Monaco und Vizepräsident des YCM steuert bis Sonnabend (5. August) noch in Palma de Mallorca bei der GC 32 Racing Tour den gleichnamigen Foiler-Katamaran „Malizia“. Zur Crew gehört auch Boris Herrmann. Den monegassischen Geschäftsmann und den viermaligen Weltumsegler verbindet eine langjährige Segelfreundschaft. Ziel des gemeinsamen IMOCA-Projekts ist die Vendée Globe, bei der Herrmann 2020 als erster Deutscher allein nonstop um die Welt segeln will.

Das Rolex Fastnet Race wird multimedial auf professionellem Niveau begleitet. Der Start wird per Livestream im Internet auf der Veranstalterwebsite unter übertragen. Dort gibt es auch einen Tracker, der die Positionen der einzelnen Yachten über den gesamten Rennverlauf verzeichnet.

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Über den Rennverlauf halten verschiedene Kanäle des Veranstalters auf dem Laufenden, die alle auf der offiziellen Website unter zu finden sind.

Nach der Regatta erhalten sie von uns einen Abschlussbericht mit Fotos vom Rennen, auch von Bord der „Malizia“.

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