Armel le Cleach

Oceanracing Profisegler Armel le Cléac’h/Britair

Armel le Cléac’h/Britair
2016 1st Vendee Globe
2012 2nd Vendee Globe
2010 2nd Route du Rhum
2009 3rd Transat J.Vabre
2008 IMOCA World Champion
2008 2nd Vendee Globe
2008 2nd Artemis Transat
2007 7th Transat J.Vabre
2006 4th Route du Rhum
2004 1st AG2R Transat
2004 6th Quebec–St Malo
2003 1st Figaro Race

Watch out for the jackal
Growing up between the rocks and currents of the treacherous Morlaix Bay, Armel le Cléac’h owes his strange nickname to his extraordinary determination. On the water, « the jackal » never gives anything away. Attentive to every detail, refusing to give an inch. His inspiration and ocean racing talent come in addition to a strong personality, to the extent that it is almost impossible for his opponents to influence the choices he sticks with right up until the end. It is this strength that gave him victory for example in the AG2R transatlantic race in 2004 with Nicolas Troussel, his long-time friend.     Armel Le Cleach
This rough diamond, who began to sail at the age of nine created a shock at the beginning of the decade when he made a roaring entry into the ever so demanding Figaro class: second in 2000 and the winner in 2003 just a few seconds ahead of … Alain Gautier, who decided to hand him the helm of his giant trimaran. However, it was a large monohull and taking part in the Vendée Globe that was in the back of Armel Le Cléac’h’s mind. Fourth in the last Route du Rhum, he is certainly not taking part just to be in the race, as indeed could be seen from his recent second place in the Artemis Transat.
2nd in Vendee Globe 2008/2009
4th in the 2006 Route du Rhum
• 7 Figaro single-handed events (winner in 2003)
• 2 AG2R transatlantic races with Nicolas Troussel (winner in 2004)
• Skipper of the Foncia trimaran in 2005, 6th in the Quebec – St Malo in 2004
• French solo ocean racing champion in 2003
• Winner of the Round France sailing race in 2001

On the 60’ « Brit Air?»
• 7th in the 2007 Transat Jacques Vabre (with Nicolas Troussel)
• Retired from the Transat Ecover B to B after dismasting in 2007
• 2nd in the Artemis Transat