Transat Jaques Vabre 03.10.2017

03.10.2017, introducing a new favourite!, introducing a new favourite!
Beautiful, useful and responsive; the three keywords which encapsulate the ambition of the new Transat Jacques Vabre website. Already online and fully operational a month before the start, is the best place to go to get straight back in the swing of this queen of the two-handed transats. Here is a guided tour around the site with Vincent Esnaud, one of the designers.

The torrents of spray, the flares, the legendary duos in action…these are the images showing on a loop on the homepage that make us dream and plunge us straight back into the legend of the Route du Café. With a month before the start, the new site is a breath of fresh air for the 2017 edition. Its design prioritises images, but the approach is new. “We tried to push the boundaries and not be bound by the rules of ‘one text-one photo’”, says Esnaud, manager of Addviso, who worked in close collaboration with the race organisation and Désigne, the company in charge of the graphic design of the event. “The presentation of the event, like, for example, the timeline, has been treated like a real ‘web-doc’, mixing multiple media: text, photo, interviews, computer graphics, etc.” Esnaud explains. “From a technical point of view, the site was conceived from the outset to be „responsive”(multi-platform) and therefore autonomous: “it works on a computer, tablet or a mobile phone, which makes the existence of a dedicated app unnecessary.”

Engaging and useful

A month before the start, the emphasis is now on the history and the skippers, the 39 duos who will compete in the four classes. From the opening of the race village, on October 27 at 16:00 local time, the listing of events in the Bassin Paul Vatine in Le Havre will be clearly visible. “As the site is responsive, visitors will be able to know what is going on in the village and to keep up with the highlights of the day,” Esnaud says.

Three languages

During the race, which will start on November 5, it will be easy to follow the progress of the sailors as they head to Salvador de Bahia. Available in three languages ​​- French, English, Brazilian – the content of the site will mix stories, analysis and anecdotes, including the videos and audio sent from the competing boats. “Each piece of content will be geo-localised and visible on the map,” Esnaud says. “There will be a sidebar of social networks, run by Mille & une vague, and rather than having to go checking on Facebook or Twitter, all the posts will be grouped in a Social Hub.”

A site for everyone

Beautiful and dynamic, is also intuitive and practical. As normal, the press area will be where all photos will be available immediately in HD, along with the daily press releases, e-mail alerts and the newsletter.

Finally, in this new school year, how could not have an educational area for schoolchildren and their teachers? As Gildas Gautier, managing director of the Transat Jacques Vabre, sums up: “this new site leaves no one out. It’s a playful and practical space, well-designed and informative – in short, a superb communication tool, matching the level the event.”