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OK Dinghy Worlds 08.12.2017

OK Dinghy Worlds 08.12.2017

From your President

Greetings all OK Dinghy sailors from sunny Australia. I can’t believe that six months has passed since we were in Barbados at the World Championships. It was certainly a memorable event, great location and very challenging sailing. It was also a great privilege to be elected as President at the AGM in Barbados after many years of active OK Dinghy sailing and involvement with the class association in Australia.

I thought it worth sharing a little bit about myself as not everyone will either know or have met me. I live in Melbourne, specifically Sandringham, Victoria, Australia. I am a member of the Black Rock Yacht Club, where I am also the Secretary. I started sailing OKs in 1980 at the age of 16 years and have sailed them continuously ever since, always owning at least one OK. I sailed my first Australian OK Nationals in 1981 at Bateman’s Bay, south of Sydney. I didn’t qualify for the 1982 Worlds at Black Rock; sailed my first Interdominions at Takapuna in 1983 and my first Worlds in Sonderborg, Denmark in 1984. Since that time, I have sailed 30 Australian Championships and 15 World Championships.

The summer season in Australia is well underway and I will be travelling to Southport on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the Australian Championships. So far we have 40 entries. OK sailing in Queensland has seen amazing growth over the past 18 months after starting from nothing to over 20 boats actively sailing from Southport Yacht Club and new boats being built from the Australian Delfs mould.

In February I will travel to Auckland for the Interdominions and New Zealand Nationals at Waketere. This is the venue for the 2019 Worlds and the event in 2018 is being used as a bit of a test event and will be sailed at the same time of year as the Worlds in February 2019.

Finally I wanted to mention that OKDIA is building into a strong and professional association supporting a growing and dynamic class in the OK Dinghy. The class is currently in great shape and I have to acknowledge the leadership and vision of the past President Bo Teglers and his officers and committee on the great work they have done. I hope I can meet the expectations of all OK Dinghy sailors and play my part in continuing to grow and strengthen OK Dinghy sailing worldwide.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year and I look forward to catching up with OK Dinghy friends in Australia, New Zealand and at the Worlds in Warnemunde, Germany in 2018.

Best wishes, Mark
Mark Jackson
OKDIA President

From the Secretary

Another busy, and encouraging, year is drawing to a close. Your Committee hope it was fun and rewarding for everyone who ventured to an international event to enjoy the OK camaraderie and competition.

We have a lot going on next year with the Worlds in one of the class’s favourite venues in Warnemunde and the Europeans in Bandol to support the amazing growth in the French class. Both will be great events to remember.

We have the coming seasons nearly fully booked as well and I am delighted to report that the 2019 European Championship will be at Kiel as part of Kieler Woche. It has been a long time since we had a major championship there so I am sure it will be well supported. As no nominiations were received for the event, which is traditionally a week-long event in the year that the Worlds in the Southern Hemispshere, the OKDIA Committee sought out the venue and negotiated with the Kiel organisers for the four day event.

If you are planning to attend any of the events listed here it will help the organisers, and encourage other sailors, if you could sign up on the Interested Competitors‘ pages please. It really does make a difference to know how many boats we can expect.

Preparations for the 2018 World Championship in Warnemunde, Germany are well underway. The programme and preliminary details have been published on the event website at

Pre-entry is now at 77, and we expect this to increase once we are into the formal entry process. Please keep an eye on the website for further updates.

Training Camp in Bandol in March 2018

If anyone would like to take part in an organised training camp in Bandol, the venue for the 2018 European Championship (and the 2018 Mediterranean Championship), top Dutch coach Han Beverwijk is offering a 5-day camp early in February/March.

The dates are flexible to suit those who wish to attend.

At the end of February Han is running a camp for the Dutch Optimist Team at Bandol. Having all his equipment already over there he is able to offer the OK class a training camp for a €80 per person a day. Being organised off-season, the costs for renting apartments etc will be low. The 5-day camp will cost €400.

Han is a seasoned coach involved in many Dutch Olympic campaigns. He is fully committed to singlehanded sailing and he has done a lot of sailing in the OK Dinghy and the Finn.

The camp is open to anyone who wants to learn and willing to put in the effort. Han has a lot of training material, which can be discussed on shore, when the weather is nasty or people need a break from training.

If you are interested please contact:

47 sailors have so far signed up for the 2018 OK Dinghy European Championship in Bandol, France in September.

This is a great opportunity to get in some late season competition in a warm climate at a geat and friendly OK club. For those thinking of going to New Zealand for the 2019 World Championship it is ideal for a final training regatta prior to shippng boats in November.

Check out the website at for updates and details as they become available.

There has been a lot of information added to the website for the 2019 OK Dinghy World Championship at Wakatare BC, New Zealand. The website can be found at

Pre-entry is currently at 58 and we are expecting a larger than normal entry for this event. The club and the local fleet have huge plans to make sure this is an event to remember and planning is already at an advanced stage.

The Notice of Race is expected to be published early in 2018 to allow the longest possible planning time. However the provisonal schedule and other details have already been published on the website.

World Ranking List November 2017

Results (top 20 from 523). Download full list here.
1 Greg Wilcox NZL 566 999.75 15
2 Tomasz Gaj POL 1 898.69 10
3 Henrik Kofoed Larsen DEN 1487 890.91 10
4 Martin von Zimmermann GER 803 868.35 13
5 Pawel Pawlaczyk POL 14 860.45 8
6 Jim Hunt GBR 11 822.48 6
7 Oliver Gronholz GER 783 813.78 8
8 Ralf Tietje GER 78 781.71 11
9 Andreas Pich GER 7 780.14 14
10 Mark Jackson AUS 768 772.54 7
11 Thomas Hansson-Mild SWE 100 765.02 11
12 Ask Askholm DEN 22 745.84 10
13 Luke O’Connell NZL 546 743.67 6
14 Bo Petersen DEN 1431 729.57 9
15 Sonke Behrens GER 778 689.14 7
16 Jonas Borjesson SWE 2830 685.63 10
17 Andre Budzien GER 71 678.34 7
18 Charlie Cumbley GBR 1 677.52 6
19 Bo Reker Andersen DEN 1 667.70 12
20 Jorg Rademacher GER 775 658.04 8


OK Dinghy 17.08.2017


OK Dinghy World No.1 for the third time for Greg Wilcox

Greg Wilcox has returned to the top of the OK Dinghy World Ranking list for the third time since the World Ranking was created 12 years ago. He has spent more time at the top spot than any other sailor and has been in the top five for the past seven years.

Tomasz Gaj and Pawel Pawlaczyk from Poland record career bests in second and third, as does fourth placed Henrik Kofoed. The August release includes 488 sailors, 56 of whom sailed their first ranking event in 2017. The Wiorld Ranking list, and the numbers sailing OK Dinghy, keeps getting bigger.

Since the last release, Wilcox has not won any more events but his consistency at the top of the international fleets has paid dividends. A top 10 at the Worlds and the Europeans, with a second place at Kiel Week, was enough to retake the top spot he last held two years ago.

This release covers the World and European Championship and with both weighted so heavily, it’s no surprise that the top five did both events. Fifth placed Martin von Zimmermann moves back into the top five for the first time in three years.

Other events counting towards this release include the Swedish Sprint Cup, The Northern French Nationals, the New Zealand North Island Championships in Turangi, the Spring Cup in Medemblik, Kiel Week and Warnemunde Week.

Nick Craig won a record fifth world title In Barbados in May, but due to not sailing many other events doesn’t feature highly in thus release while, Jim Hunt is the leading Brit in sixth place, after placing second at the Worlds, and winning the Spring Cup and Kiel Week.

The European Championship in Faaborg, Denmark turned out to be one of the most competitive events ever, with 14 out of the top 20 ranked sailors taking part. The huge fleet of 130 boats was a great way to celebrate the classes’ 60th anniversary in 2017.

Former World No 1. Bo Petersen drops to seventh after skipping the Worlds and most other early events this season. His third place at the Europeans keeps him inside the top 10.

The OK Dinghy season now moves towards a string of National titles, in Germany, Denmark, Britain and Poland, which will all be included in the next release, before the down under season gets underway.

More here.

Top 20 from 488

Download the full list here.
1 Greg Wilcox NZL 566 989.48 13
2 Tomasz Gaj POL 1 913.36 10
3 Pawel Pawlaczyk POL 14 899.93 8
4 Henrik Kofoed Larsen DEN 1397 890.73 10
5 Martin von Zimmermann GER 803 881.89 14
6 Jim Hunt GBR 11 872.19 6
7 Bo Petersen DEN 1431 813.19 10
8 Thomas Hanson-Mild SWE 100 809.84 9
9 Oliver Gronholz GER 783 806.55 9
10 Mats Caap SWE 2797 787.93 7
11 Ralf Tietje GER 78 778.95 11
12 Mark Jackson AUS 768 772.54 7
13 Andreas Pich GER 7 758.85 14
14 Ask Askholm DEN 22 756.71 10
15 Luke O’Connell NZL 546 743.67 6
16 Jorg Rademacher GER 775 738.76 8
17 Sonke Behrens GER 778 738.35 9
18 Charlie Cumbley GBR 1 735.02 7
19 Bo Reker Andersen DEN 1 700.49 14
20 Jonas Borjesson SWE 2830 676.05 10


an der Zioellinie

OK Dinghy World Championships 01.06.2017

Nick Craig secures record fifth OK Dinghy world crown in Barbados

The Barbados wind beats to the same rhythm of the boom-box buses that rumble past the Barbados Yacht Club each day. It starts, it stops, it turns around, all the time going in no particular direction. You pick it up and take it one way only to find it is taking you in the wrong direction. It pulsates like the booming bass beat. It is hot and humid.

For the majority of sailors at the 2017 OK Dinghy World Championships in Barbados, it has been hard to make sense of the wind, but one person has shown an uncanny ability to be in the right place every time, and sail his boat faster than anyone else.

Discarding a third place in the 79-boat fleet Nick Craig, from Britain, dominated the series for perhaps his most convincing win ever. This is his fifth OK Dinghy world crown and perhaps the sweetest yet as he becomes the first person in the 60 year history of the class to win five world titles.

The defending champion, Jim Hunt, sailed an impressive series as well, never below fifth, and put together a scoreline that in most years would have easily won him the title. Third place Luke O’Connell, from New Zealand, led a strong Kiwi challenge with five boats inside the top ten.

Only one race was possible on the final day in perhaps the most capricious wind of the week. Jørgen Svendsen, of Denmark, led the race all the way until the final beat when Hunt and Craig sneaked past as the wind started to go even more patchy and shifty. Hunt took his second victory of the week, while O’Connell took third as Svendsen was an early starter.

The race team tried to start the final race, but the conditions and the time were against them. Eventually they admitted defeat and at 14.50, the end of the regatta was signalled and the start of the race to the beach to get the first boat into the containers.

O’Connell said, “It’s been a tough week, I am pleased to come away with third. The middle of the week was pretty bad for me. I don’t know what happened there really. But it was great sailing here. Nick and Jim sailed super well and nick definitely deserved to win.”

Paying tribute to Craig, Hunt said “It’s fantastic isn’t it. He just outsailed every one all week. He’s just been a bit more on it all week, starting better, being in the right place at the right time. He hasn’t really missed anything. He was quick downwind, there were not really any holes in his game, which is a bit of a shame, as if he hadn’t been here I would have looked quite good.”

“But it was great fun, I’ve had a great time.”

New World Champion, Craig, said, “Fantastic day, absolutely delighted. It was always a little tense as I needed a 12th which is just the kind of thing where you could be too conservative and end up having a 20th, so I got an average start which was just good enough, got a lane, and went up to about fifth at the windward mark and then just sailed really conservatively and just sailed near Jim as well partly because he always goes the right way and because if he was deep or going well then I would be matching him. So it worked out really nicely.”

“I think it was a tricky week because it was very shifty and we had weed challenges, but overall it’s just a fantastic place so sail. It’s so warm, the water is warm, beer is cold; it’s fantastic. I really enjoyed myself.”

Next year the class heads to Warnemunde in Germany, for the 2018 World Championship, one of the classes favourite venues.

Even as the OK Dinghies were packed away in their containers to begin their long journeys home, their spaces on the beach were slowly being filled with Finns for the start of the Finn World Masters on Friday.

Final results after nine races
1 GBR 2195 NICK CRAIG 10,0 1 1 1 2 (3) 1 1 1 2
2 GBR 11 JIM HUNT 22,0 2 3 4 (5) 1 4 5 2 1
3 NZL 546 LUKE O’CONNELL 42,0 3 2 2 4 (bfd) 17 3 8 3
4 NZL 545 STEVE McDOWELL 53,0 4 16 8 (17) 4 6 4 4 7
5 NZL 517 PAUL RHODES 55,0 5 9 5 6 6 3 14 7 (20)
6 AUS 749 ROGER BLASSE 56,0 10 15 3 7 5 9 (22) 3 4
7 NZL 551 MARK PERROW 64,0 20 4 7 3 2 (dsq) 2 14 12
8 GBR 2191 CHRIS TURNER 65,0 6 8 (25) 8 8 8 9 9 9
9 NZL 566 GREG WILCOX 78,0 9 10 (20) 10 11 10 6 16 6
10 DEN 3 JORGEN SVENDSEN 96,0 19 14 14 1 23 5 8 12 (bfd)

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Ok Dinghy Barbados

OK Dinghy World Championship 31.05.2017

Nick Craig closes in on record breaking fifth OK Dinghy world crown

Barbados conditions seems to suit Britain’s Nick Craig as he notched up two more race wins on the penultimate day of the 2017 OK Dinghy World Championship. He has now won six of the eight races sailed and leads the fleet by 13 points with just two races to sail and any place inside the top 12 on Wednesday will give him a record breaking fifth OK Dinghy World title.
Another former, and double, world champion, Jim Hunt, also from Britain, is in clear second place after picking up a fifth and a second on Tuesday. He sits 18 points clear of third placed Luke O’Connell, from New Zealand.

New Zealand has the largest number of sailors inside the top ten with five sailors capable of picking up a medal on Wednesday. They came to Barbados with high hopes of success.
Great conditions on the fourth day of racing in Barbados welcomed the fleet of 79 sailors to Carlisle Bay. The wind was more northerly with 15-20 knots of offshore wind. The first start was abandoned after a huge wind shift, and then after a general recall Race 7 started under black flag. Favouring the left once again, Craig led the fleet into the top mark from New Zealand’s Mark Perrow and Denmark’s Henrik Kofoed-Larsen. Craig extended for another huge win while Perrow clung onto second and Luke O’Connell, also from New Zealand, took third.

The second race of the day started with a long delay while the course was reset but a 40-degree shift out of the start meant that some sailors could lay the mark in one tack. New Zealand’s Steve McDowell judged it perfectly from Germany’s Sonke Behrens tacking near the boat end to lift up to the mark while those on the left sailed more distance.
Hunt and Craig were not far behind and soon were up to first and second. The windward mark was reset for the fishy second beat, causing the fleet to sail almost into the fishing harbour before tacking. On the last beat Jim Hunt was heard ordering a rum punch on the beach before pointing towards the finish line, but Craig had it under control for his sixth win of the week. Roger Blasse, from Australia, in third, punched out right to try and get some leverage but just lost ground.

Even though he won the famous Tiki for the top Kiwi boat McDowell, who finished fourth in Race 8, remains in fifth overall, just seven points from a medal. He said, “It was a pretty nice day out there. A few big shifts but the course was a bit clearer. It was rum punch sailing.”

Left has been the favourite direction most of the week, but in Race 8, Behrens went right, even though he was really going left. “It was a nice race. Steve McDowell and I were very lucky to get the right direction to the first mark. We fortunately got a big gap on the reaches. It was nice racing”
Each upwind has been characterised by pressure from the land that lifts those on port into the top mark. Often it has been a case of overstanding the top mark to get into the bigger pressure and then using that pressure to free off, faster, into the top mark. Either way Craig has it down to a tee and is putting on a master class of sailing in challenging conditions for the fleet.
Four OK Dinghy world title have been won by just three sailors: Leith Armit of New Zealand, Bo-Staffan Andersson of Sweden and Craig. A fifth world title for Craig would rewrite the record books. It would take a significant upset to deny Craig his fifth world title in his favourite class.

The 2017 OK Dinghy World Championship concludes on Wednesday with two more races scheduled at 12.30.

Results after eight races
1 GBR 2195 NICK CRAIG 8,0 1 1 1 2 (3) 1 1 1
2 GBR 11 JIM HUNT 21,0 2 3 4 (5) 1 4 5 2
3 NZL 546 LUKE O’CONNELL 39,0 3 2 2 4 (bfd) 17 3 8
4 NZL 517 PAUL RHODES 41,0 5 9 5 6 6 3 (14) 7
5 NZL 545 STEVE McDOWELL 46,0 4 16 8 (17) 4 6 4 4
6 NZL 551 MARK PERROW 52,0 20 4 7 3 2 (dsq) 2 14
7 AUS 749 ROGER BLASSE 52,0 10 15 3 7 5 9 (22) 3
8 GBR 2191 CHRIS TURNER 56,0 6 8 (25) 8 8 8 9 9
9 NZL 566 GREG WILCOX 72,0 9 10 (20) 10 11 10 6 16
10 DEN 3 JORGEN SVENDSEN 73,0 19 14 14 1 (23) 5 8 12
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